Today in the city Sorel-Tracy 25.09.2018
Dellen Millard’s conviction in father’s death makes him Canada’s latest serial killer

Millard told police he slept at the home of his friend, Mark Smich, the night before he discovered his father’s body. It was all a sham, the judge ruled

Life Lessons Your Child Won't Learn From The 6 O'Clock News

Whenever tragic and devastating news happens in our world I try my best to shelter my three young children from it. I am the first one to tell my husband, family members and friends when conversations...

Victims' families to speak today at Wettlaufer public inquiry

Families of victims and a woman who was almost killed by an Ontario nurse will speak for the first time today in St. Thomas, Ont., at a public inquiry into the serial-killing case.

The untold story of the first suspect, before Bruce McArthur, in the Toronto serial killings

On CTV's W5: Investigative reporter Avery Haines on the shocking tip that led police to start linking men who had disappeared from Toronto's gay village.

New Horizon Mall Near Calgary Sits Eerily Empty Months After Opening

CALGARY —The developer of a nearly empty new mall just north of Calgary says he's confident it will become the bustling Asian-style bazaar it is meant to be despite having to delay its late-Octo...

British police solve mystery of serial cat killer, after three years and hundreds of gruesome deaths

'Police are sure the killer is a man,' the BBC stated, who has not only butchered pets, but 'foxes, rabbits and possibly a wild, baby owl'

Families remember victims of Texas Border Patrol agent

All of these women, bound by difficulties in life, met an eerily similar death: They were shot in the head and left on rural Texas roadsides, allegedly by a Border Patrol agent who has been described...

Raccoons bust into Toronto woman’s home, stare her down while defiantly eating her bread

While the city says the problem is “uncommon,” it created a step-by-step guide for dealing with what resident Jenny Serwylo calls “the most Toronto thing that’s ever happened.”

Liberal Government Drops $1.13 Billion In Spending In Quebec This Summer

OTTAWA — One year out from a federal election, Liberals announced more than $1.1 billion in spending across the crucial battleground of Quebec during a 10-week period this summer, an analysis by...

Max Gilbert l'emporte à la Classique Acura

SAINTE-VICTOIRE-DE-SOREL, Qc - Max Gilbert a signé une carte de 69, trois coups sous la normale et a remporté les honneurs de la Classique Acura présentée par les vins...

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